Notting Hill’s Portobello Market

It would be crazy to visit Notting Hill and not have a wander through Portobello Market. So after a delicious brunch at Granger & Co (see my last post), we all headed up to Portobello Road close by. Feeling rather distracted … Continue reading

Brunch at Granger & Co

If you fancy brunch surrounded by well-heeled London locals, head to Granger & Co. It’s an elegant venue for a fresh and wholesome kick-start to your day, with great coffee (or bellini in my case) and sweet treats in Notting Hill. It was … Continue reading

Fashion Links I Love

I’m back in London now after one of the busiest trips at work on the boat. It feels amazing to be back in the big city again. When I feel like winding down in the evenings in my hotel room, … Continue reading

A Nile Cruise

For as long as I can remember, the prospect of going on a Nile cruise has always been exciting and magical. When I was young I came upon an Agatha Christie book named “Death on the Nile”. The book followed a company … Continue reading

Tourist in Chicago

My last full day in Chicago was spent being a total tourist, hopping on and off a sightseeing bus all over the city. My favourite part of the day was probably seeing Lake Michigan from this angle. The shiny skyscrapers … Continue reading

A Chicago Weekend

Just before coming back onboard, I sneaked in a wonderful weekend in Chicago. I’ve been travelling by myself for the first two years since joining this job, but it seemed a while since I’d gone solo. London was spent socialising with friends … Continue reading

Top 5 Things To Do In Egypt

My sister has just left Egypt. She was living there with her fiance for 2 years, so it became my ‘home’ for a while. I used to visit her all the time in the non-stop, wonderfully chaotic city of Cairo. … Continue reading

Sketch, London

During my last few weeks in London, I couldn’t wait to show my dad my favourite restaurant in Mayfair called Sketch. It’s a huge cluster of uniquely-designed, eclectic restaurants in a gorgeous Grade II listed townhouse. Just look how gorgeous it … Continue reading

Exploring London Docklands

Sorry I haven’t posted in such a long time. This break has been non-stop! I had a few weeks in Abu Dhabi and London, then a week in Houston (a course for work) before squeezing in a wonderful weekend in Chicago. Now … Continue reading